Intelligent, Safe Canadian Goose Control

Canadian Geese are difficult to control.

They’re messy, they’re agressive, and they run down property values.


Why Choose The Denier ™?

The Denier ™ was designed to answer the question:

How to get rid of Canadian Geese?”
Geese begin nesting in early spring. They prefer areas near bodies of water – such as ponds, lakes, or retention ponds. Once the goose eggs hatch, the geese are unlikely to leave until it is time for them to migrate again for the fall.


Every The Denier ™ Unit offers industry leading Goose Deterrent features such as:

  • LED Lighting that provides over 50,000 hours of operation
  • Complete visual spectrum deterrence of geese (including UV)
  • Pre-Programming with 7 distinct light patterns to prevent acclimation by geese
  • Over 10 Acres of coverage per The Denier ™ unit (unless otherwise noted)
  • Made in the USA


Deny Geese Access To Your Property

If your property, golf course, or pond is over-run with Geese, and you are looking for a cost effective, guaranteed, humane way of getting rid of geese…


Let The Denier ™ Humanely and Effectively Control Your Goose Problem


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