Frequently Asked Questions About The Denier ™

What distance will The Denier ™ effectively deter Canadian Geese?

One Denier Unit will cover 125yrds x 125yrds, or just over 10 acres.

Since this device works on a line of sight method, any obstacles in its path need to be accounted for during initial location and placement.

We can assist you with your location and placement.


Does The Denier ™ deter/annoy humans?

So far we have not had any reports from people indicating their annoyance of Denier Units.

In fact, we have been complimented on the “beautiful night time light display” seen from The Denier ™ during its operation.


Do you offer installation / storage service for The Denier ™?

We do offer installation in our local area (Chicagoland).

However, there is an additional charge associated with our installation and removal service.  Storage for The Denier ™ can be done at the site, providing there is a dedicated area.  If not, we can provide storage at our location.

Our lease agreement will assist you with your decision.


Do I need to store The Denier ™ away for the winter after goose removal season?


We recommend that The Denier ™ be removed before your waterway freezes for the winter.




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