How to Use The Denier™

Use The Denier ™ as a stand alone goose deterent

You may see reuslts in as soon as one night!

Typical results will vary in length.


Use The Denier ™ with a chase dog service

You can SAVE up to 40% off your current chase dog service by using The Denier ™.

You will find that you can reduce your chase dog service from several visits per day down to a single visit per day.

And eventually you will find a chase dog service is no longer required.


Do you use your own chase dog?

Using The Denier ™ along with your own chase dog can save you time and manpower spent on chasing geese.


Use The Denier ™ with any other goose deterent methods.

You may use The Denier ™ with any turf application designed for goose deterent.

Add The Denier ™ to your regement and extend the life of your turf application.  Soon you will be able to discontinue your turf application.



“It is that good!  I guarantee it! Or I Will Buy It Back!”

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