Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your purchase from Chicagolands Goose Busters, Inc..

The terms and conditions of sale contained apply to all accepted purchase orders and sales made Chicagolands Goose Busters, Inc. and become a binding contract when accepted by the purchase of one or more of the Chicagolands Goose Busters, Inc. Products (“Agreement”).

This Agreement sets out the exclusive terms and conditions that apply to all purchases accepted and sale made by Chicagolands Goose Busters, Inc. and can only be accepted on the terms set forth herein and no alterations or additions will be incorporated without the prior written consent of Chicagolands Goose Busters, Inc..  Chicagolands Goose Busters, Inc. failure to object to provisions contained in any communication from you will not constitute acceptance of those provision.

Chicagolands Goose Busters, Inc. conditions its offer or acceptance upon your exclusive assent to the terms and conditions of the Agreement, excluding all differing or additional terms and conditions.  All purchases are subject to the acceptance by Chicagolands Goose Busters, Inc..

Chicagolands Goose Busters, Inc. ships its products via “Ground” through a carrier of Chicagolands Goose Busters, Inc. choice.  Product shipped via “Ground” become your responsibility once they are delivered.  Additional shipping fees may apply when your product is not shipped using our carrier of choice.  We may choose to require a signature on all deliveries unless otherwise specified in writing from you.


Price and Payment

All prices are subject to change without notice.  All prices shown exclude tax, sales, excise or any other taxes applicable to the sale, use or delivery of the Product sold pursuant to this Agreement, or any charges for shipping or insurance. Shopping Cart Shipping charge, when payment is via credit card, may include a processing fee unless otherwise noted.


Product Performance

Chicagolands Goose Busters, Inc. warrants that The Denier ™ has been programmed, tested and verified to operate effectively.

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