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“I can tell you that we transitioned from Away with Geese lights to Denier lights a couple of years ago (see thedenier.com). The Denier lights have been great. The geese acclimated to the Away with Geese lights after 3 years, and we had to make a change. We fought the good fight against geese for many years, and I believe we finally have the upper hand.”

Susan, HOA




“The first night the first Denier was in the water, one of the residents counted 36 Canada geese walking towards the pond.
It was just before dusk.
As night fell, the lights came on, all 36 geese left the water and headed away—never to return for the entire summer.”





The product is better than advertised. We used The Denier before we had a problem, and have kept the geese at bay. Every pond in Central Ohio has geese, except ours.

Tim, Park District




Since installing The Denier in our city parks and on our Golf Course, we have not only reduced the impact of Geese and their mess within these areas, but we have also greatly reduce our overall cost of depending on other methods of eliminating this nuisance within our parks. Even the general public has notice the change and have been highly complimentary of our ability to eliminate this growing problem from our parks!

Brian, Park District




I installed The Denier a little late in the spring, too late to keep a couple that returns every year from setting up house. They stayed through nesting and raising the young, but after they got big enough they spent more and more time across the street at the neighbors pond. When they were able to fly they left and haven’t been back. I’m hoping that I can set it out early enough next spring to keep them from nesting at all.





Dear Ray:I wanted to tell you of our experience using your “goose” lights. Before using your lights, we tried numerous methods to control the goose population on our 70 acre town home property with lakes and ponds. These methods included fake coyotes, starter pistols which eject a whistling projectile, floating dead goose decoys, scented turf applications, and dogs to chase the geese.

Each of the above produced limited, short lived results, with the exception of the dogs. The dogs were extremely effective, but very expensive to the cost of your lights. Within just a few nights with the lights, we began to notice a reduction in the number of geese present in the evenings as well as during the day.

By the end of the first week, we were seeing only a few geese on our 18 acres of water. Since using your lights, we have stopped using all the former methods to chase the geese from our property. I would never have believed this result had I not seen it work with my own eyes.

We have had many compliments on the multi-light show which your lights display. They are pleasant to view from our patio, which faces the lake where your lights are installed. We can once again enjoy our patio and lawn without the mess from the geese.

Our thanks to your for your successful, creative solution to our goose problem.





It works great! Just make sure you have it in the pond early enough or it makes it twice as hard to get rid of Geese once they nest.

Homeowner’s Association

Willowbrook, IL



We looked at the rest and thought your product would be best. After installing The Denier, we saw results within 10 days. The geese are gone and now we can enjoy our beach area again!





I must say I had my doubts about using a light to remove geese from our pond, but it worked. We had a drastic goose reduction within 7 days of installing The Denier. You have a great product.





The Denier has performed as advertised! We have battled with geese for many years now and finally the battle has ended. The number of geese on our property has been reduced to only a couple and we find the level acceptable. The reduction in geese took only a couple of days.


North Carolina

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